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Healing with Flower Essences
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Using Flower Essences as a Dynamic Healing Therapy 'The most beautiful plants and herbs to be found in the pharmacy of nature are divinely enriched with healing powers for the mind and body.' -Dr. Edward Bach A Breakthrough Approach that Can Change Your Life This is an excellent introduction to the world of energetic healing through Flower Essence therapy. The author, an accomplished Flower Essence practitioner, guides you through an easy-to-understand holistic approach that is complemented with inspired images and quotes. This clear, entertaining presentation contains unique learning tools and original reference guides. Healing with Flower Essences is designed to help you integrate the powerful properties inherent in natural botanicals into your life. A Few Topics you'll Learn: . The Fascinating History of Flower Essences . Dealing with the Layers of Human Emotion . Scientific Basis of Flower Essence Therapy . Case Histories and Simple-to-Use Diagnostic Tools . Homeopathy and Flower Essences . Cooking with Flower Essences 'If you want to get started using Flower Essences, or would like to dive deeper into their application toward emotional healing and overall well-being, Healing with Flower Essences is a great resource.'-Scott Faro, M.D. Benefit from Nature's Healing Power Flower Essence therapy is free from side effects and promotes healing from the inside out. By selecting the right Flower Essence combination, you can find relief from the many challenges and stresses that arise in your personal and professional life. Flower Essence therapy has the power to restore inner balance and a sense of purpose. It can bring light and harmony into your life, and with it a re-balance of body, mind, and spirit. About the Author Joan Greenblatt has been a Flower Essence practitioner for more than thirty years. During that time, she has successfully treated people with a wide variety of emotional and life issues. Professionally, she studied with the Dr. Edward Bach Center and The School of Natural Sciences, where she graduated with honors. Joan's gifted ability to attune to her clients' energetic needs led her to create Essential Flower Remedies Healing Crèmes-a unique collection of cream-based Flower Essence combinations designed to bring specific emotional and life issues into balance.

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